Service fee for tickets purchased on the train

Purchasing a ticket in advance avoids additional costs.

From July 1, 2024, a service fee of CHF 5 will be charged for the purchase of tickets on the train. To avoid these additional costs, we recommend purchasing tickets before boarding at the ticket office or via the various online channels. Further information on purchasing tickets and the introduction of the service fee can be found here.


Train ticket office
Ticket machines
SBB Webshop & SBB Mobile
Easyride, Fairtiq, Lezzgo

Any questions?

Why are the Mt. Rigi Railways now introducing a service fee?
Where and from when does the service fee apply?
How much is the service fee?
Can I still buy my ticket on the train?
Does the service fee also apply to ticket purchases at the ticket counter?
Do I have to pay the service fee even if I don't have a smartphone?
How does it work at boarding stations without ticket office/automat?
Does the service charge also apply to ticket purchases on the platform?
Defective machine or unmanned counter. Does the service fee also apply here?
How can you tell that a service fee is being charged?
What happens if you get on the train without a valid ticket?
What happens to my pre-purchased ticket for the cable car if it cannot run due to an unexpected closure (e.g. strong winds)?

If you have any questions or problems, the Rigi Guest Service will be happy to help you.

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